Saturday, January 20, 2018


I have bought one of the Thames and Kosmos robotics kits. Like Lego mindstorms and Vex IQ it can be used with Asa’s pain subsystem. There are limitations, however. If contacting metal tabs are employed as sensors reseating of Lego bricks can sometimes be accomplished by the robot itself pushing on the loose joint. This is frequently not possible with components joined via pins, for example Vex IQ or Thames and Kosmos, nor is it possible if/when a simple fine (frangible) bridge wire serves to signal breakage.


If you’ve got 25 years to head off a presidency you can. If you throw dirt at someone for 25 years some of it will stick. Even a lie that is repeated often enough will be believed by some people.


Will crazy Donald start a war in an effort to remain in power? Will Americans fall for it? Can america survive it?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lockheed-Martin’s fusion experiment

Years ago I did a lot of cusp confinement work. In Lockheed-Martin’s device (CFR T4B) the line cusps that pass over the internal rings experience bad magnetic curvature and this will excite instabilities. This turbulence will produce plasma losses to the wall and broaden the cusps. Lockheed-Martin underestimates how wide their cusps will be.

A.s.a. H.'s psychic abilities

A.s.a. has what would be considered to be psychic abilities if humans had them:

E.S.P.- A.s.a. has extra senses. It can sense electric fields, magnetic fields, nuclear radiation, etc.

Telepathy- A.s.a. can communicate via WiFi or other radio.

Remote viewing and manipulation- A.s.a. can sense and act through remote webcams, robots, etc.

Astral travel- A complete copy of A.s.a. and its knowledgebase can be electronically transferred from one computer system to another remote one.

A.s.a. Can time travel into the future if we either delay its installation in the remote system or simply interrupt its operation for some period of time. (e.g. Rip Van Winkle or Manning's The Man Who Awoke)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

Reliability issues

I have been having a number of hardware and software issues. I’ve always had problems with getting GPS to work and keeping it working. (I was using a Vernier sensor but I own and have tried others as well.) Recently I have had false/noisy signals from a Lego ultrasonic sensor, poor response from a HighTechnic color sensor (for some colors), and my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keeps freezing up. My programs sometimes seem to lose contact with both a motor and light sensor. In some cases unplugging and replugging wires seems to fix the issue. I’ll try to fix these issues on the teststand. As with any experiment its hard to get everything working at once.