Friday, March 18, 2011

Normative Intelligence

My "artificial intelligence" work might best be described as work on a normative intelligence.  Following Sutton
and Werbos I believe that a rational system "handles all of the calculations from crude inputs through to overt actions in an adaptive way so as to maximize some measure of performance over time". (Skeptic, vol. 12, # 3, pg 14, 2006)  An outline of the subsystems that might be employed to accomplish this is presented on my website ( under cognitive scientist, theory of thought.  My current Asa H 2.0 software is such a system.

I have just read Tenenbaum et als paper "How to grow a mind: ..." in the current issue of Science (vol 331, pg 1279, 2011)  While I find this an excellent and useful paper I note that it lacks things like a value module and so I do not think it is a complete intelligence or "mind."  Once again I am also struck by the fact that human minds may not work in the way we would want a more rational mind to operate.

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