Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The right computers

Most of the coding that I do is done at a desktop but I used to have (in the 1980s and  1990s) a Sharp pocket computer (PC-1251) that I could use away from the office to try out algorithms and other ideas. (Its display died after about 20 years. Currently my Texas Instruments TI-86 can do about what I used to do with the PC-1251, but in "TI-BASIC" language.) Today I use a laptop (or netbook) for such purposes.  I own a Dell Axim pocket PC and also a tablet PC but they lack real keyboards.  Just like you need a keyboard if you do a lot of texting I find I also want a keyboard if  I'm programming.  When I'm coding or when I'm reading electronic documents I also want a larger screen than what is available with typical current tablets. (I find the screens on typical ereaders to be too small as well.  They are smaller than the pages of most print books.) I also find Android inadequate as an operating system. (But it is being improved, I've not used Android 4.0.)

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