Friday, May 18, 2012


I got a phone call from the ESU campus police at 1:00 AM last night.  They said "science hall had 2 inches of water in it."  If so I figured that the planetarium was completely under water again!  I've also had small "floods" (more like leaks) in the past when some cooling line or other broke on one of my plasma experiments.  Usually I'm on site when such an event occurs. This morning I went in early with a pair of old shoes and extra socks.  Turns out that someone was doing plumbing in several of our students labs late yesterday.  Somehow they caused a sink in my plasma lab to overflow sending some water into my office as well.  Fans have dried up a lot of the water but I will have to throw out more than a dozen books that were on the floor.  I'll replace some of those.  I also had 3 old conference posters that are wet and will be discarded. I am not sure about the condition of the older "tower" computer under my desk.  It was old but still in service. (I tend to do different things on different machines.)  The surge protectors and computer cords under my desk seem to be OK.  I'm writing this on my desktop. A couple of piles of books had been knocked over, perhaps in the cleanup work.  This caused a few more books to be wet.  Time will be the biggest loss.