Monday, June 25, 2012

Ava, a virus AI

Asa H 2.0 (see my blogs of   10 Feb. 2011 and 14 May 2012) can be made the payload of a computer virus (The Little Black Book of  Email Viruses, Mark Ludwig, Createspace, 2009 and Hacking, Jon Erickson, No Starch Press, 2008 ).  When released onto a computer network the infected machines will communicate with one another by email, turning the network into a large parallel AI computer.  I have written the code for such an Ava 1.0 but do not currently own a computer network on which I could deploy, debug, and test Ava so I have only been able to perform small scale debugging and testing. (I bought a router and have networked a couple of my computers.)

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