Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The grounding of meaning in Asa H

1. We want to perceptually ground the meaning of linguistic concepts.  Sensors provide this directly for some words:

hear (sound)                                                         temperature
see                                                                        feed (recharge)
feel (touch)                                                           light level
yellow                                                                  time/date
green                                                                    hunger
blue                                                                      force
red                                                                        north
black                                                                    south
acceleration                                                         range
angular rotation/deflection                    wind speed and direction

For example, if an observer inputs the word "feel" when a touch sensor or force gauge is stimulated then the word's meaning is learned as an association (case) by Asa H.  I have given Asa H all of these concepts using NXT sensors.

top            bottom            left            right            front            back

can be defined by sensors that are placed in those locations.

2.  With pattern recognition Asa H can be taught to recognize letters, numerals, and common objects like:

roads                                                                     feet
heads                                                                    faces
hair                                                                       eyes
mouth                                                                   nose
people                                                                  body
chest                                                                     arms
hands                                                                    leg
male                                                                     female
fish                                                                       common plants
house                                                                    bird
wheel                                                                    table
chair                                                         some common sounds
go/moving                                                             hill

Preprocessors are likely to be useful/necessary (just as face recognition may be innate in humans).  I've built neural network recognition modules for both letters and numerals.

3.  Some meanings are learned at the next hierarchical level (or higher):

temperature < threshold  -----  cold                   collision and sensor pegged  -----  damage
temperature > threshold  -----  hot                    (we could give Asa a pain signal from this)
yellow  -----  color
green  -----  color                                 grasp and release and force zeros ---  drop
blue  -----  color
red  -----  color                                    push and displace > threshold  -----  soft/flexible
light level < threshold  -----  dark
range < threshold  -----  near                push and displacement < threshold ---- hard
range > threshold  -----  far                   far then later near -----  approach
left  -----  side                                                   right  -----  side
front  -----  side                                                 back  -----  side
grasp then lift then move  -----  take               
near then later far  -----  retreat                        

4.  Synonyms are learned when an observer inputs another word under similar conditions:

force  -----  push                                               force  -----  touch
collision  -----  hit                                             near  -----  close
far  -----  distant                                                top  -----  up
bottom  -----  down                                           top  -----  high
bottom  -----  low                                              feed  -----  energy
stop  -----  rest                                                  grasp  -----  hold
hungry  -----  need                                            retreat  -----  leave
feed  -----  good

These concepts constitute Asa's initial ontology.

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