Monday, April 22, 2013

Ideas unique to Asa H

Asa H learns many categories that we all share like "injury", "near", "drop", etc.  We are, however, especially interested in categories that Asa learns and which humans haven't learned (created/invented/discovered).  Some of our experiments are aimed at identifying such categories.  One such category we have found might be labeled "tools that require two hands".  Another might be described as something like: "functional systems (organizations/organisms) that form (assemble) and disband periodically (cyclically)."  (Like a volunteer fire department.) We see Asa form other categories that we do not understand or have been unable to describe in words.  Similar results have been described by Q. V. Le, et al, Building High-level Features Using Large Scale Unsupervised Learning, Proceedings of the 29th Inter. Conf. on Machine Learning, Edinburgh, 2012.

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