Monday, September 22, 2014

Asa H output

Our experiments with Asa H have involved much more input than output.  Humans have a couple hundred million rods in their eyes and only a few hundred skeletal muscles.  A scientist might be able to read perhaps 100 papers for every one he writes himself.  An intelligence in the world simply gets a lot more input than the output it generates. In the lowest layers of the Asa hierarchy overt action is rare.  I typically mark those few cases that involve action in order to find them easily.
I am also especially interested in concept formation by AIs (how conceptual knowledge is formed from perceptual inputs) and have spent some time studying that. Such concepts are a kind of "output" but most of my robots can only do what Lego NXT servomotors can do. I would like to upgrade this as well as my input sensors.

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