Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Some forms of cooperation or coordination in multi-agent systems

I have done some work with societies of Asa H agents and am interested in how cooperation can occur in such systems.  I have experimented with the following:

1. Trading and combining of casebases/knowledgebases between agents (both within a single generation and from one generation of agents to the next).

2. Deferring tasks to specialist agents or the active assigning of tasks to specialist agents (through the action of an administrative agent).

3. Localized action  assigned to agents according to their distribution across (in) space.

4. Emergent cooperation.

5. Agents organized into blackboard systems.

6. Communicative coordination between Asa H and humans. (on my website see chapter 1 of my book Twelve Papers)

I have not done any work with communicative coordination going on between the AIs themselves, nor with  agents negotiating or contracting with each other.

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