Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In a mirror, darkly

There were several Star Trek episodes in which members of the Enterprise crew are trapped in an evil mirror universe.  For some time now I have felt that I was stuck as a slave in that Terran empire. Today I can't keep this feeling private any longer.

The political party that gave us a crook and a moron has now given us a mad man. And the people that elected a crook and a moron have now elected a mad man. Only a fool gives a mad man control of nuclear weapons. Human values aren't what they should be.

All species become extinct.  Is it now our turn?  Just how many mad men can the world survive? "The end of days" could be a self fulfilling prophecy. Are we about to see, first hand, the solution to the Fermi paradox?

I had hoped that humankind would survive long enough to establish a robust independent society of mechanical intelligences on earth.  I now think that that is less likely. Perhaps it will occur elsewhere or in some other Everett world.

The United States presents a substantial threat to the world as a whole and its survival.

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