Monday, January 30, 2017

Alternative facts

It really is possible for there to be alternative facts. One specialist intelligent agent can learn the proposition P while a different specialist agent, operating in the same environment, can learn NOT(P). See, for example, The Logic of Reliable Inquiry (K. T. Kelly, OUP, 1996, page 381-383) "minor differences in the order in which they receive the data may lead to different inductive conclusions in the short run. These distinct conclusions cause a divergence of meaning between the two..." "...there is no version of the truth that all users converge to." This happens with Asa H specialist agents. One can also see it happen in human society, between communists and fascists, for example. (See also my blog of 21 July 2016) This was not what happened the other day with Kellyanne Conway, however. She was simply lying.

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