Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hacking the Hexbug Vex robots

The Hexbug Vex ant, spider, scarab, and strandbeest robots are inexpensive and are compatible with the Vex IQ components. They come with a simple "brain brick" which has only 2 inputs and 2 outputs and can be programmed in a limited way using a set of 6 switchs. One can replace this totally with the Vex IQ brain brick (ARM cortex M4 processor with a total of 12 input/output ports) and Vex IQ servos and sensors but it is also possible to retain the (1 or more) simpler "brain" bricks in a subsumption architecture (using a few relays). Each of the simpler brain bricks can perform a reflex (such as obstacle avoidance).

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