Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Components of consciousness

I am one of those who believes that what we call consciousness is not one single process.* The question then becomes how many basic processes are involved and what are they. A.s.a. H. appears to have at least 5 processes contributing to consciousness.** Attention, the contents of short term memory, is controlled by the similarity measurement. Ned Block’s “A-conscious” states result from A.s.a.’s vector memory structure. A.s.a. is aware of any sensory inputs and signals from its pain system. (Ned Block's "P-conscious" states.) A.s.a. thinks about its own thoughts when its interpolating, extrapolating, planning, and when higher level concepts or sequences manipulate lower level concepts or sequences in the hierarchical memory structure.

I do not necessarily assume that human consciousness is the same as machine consciousness. Different processes may be involved.

*See my blog of 19 October 2016 for instance.
**There is not one single A.s.a. H software program. A number of versions exist so this number may vary. There is a whole A.s.a. H. hardware and software ecosystem.

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