Friday, December 4, 2020

More online experiences

So here we are for a week of teaching online. I did a couple of online lectures earlier in the week. Now when I go to get my email on OUTLOOK my account name and password are accepted just fine. But when I try to access CANVAS or FACULTY and ADVISING tools (to enter grades) my password is not accepted. The IT people had me deal with this by changing my password. That fixed things yesterday but the problem reoccurred today with the new password. I found that when I enter the password the computer changes the account name entry to something else! I was finally able to log on by doing things in reverse order, going back and putting in the account name after entering the password. In that way I got into CANVAS and was able to enter the final exams for my classes. (Next week is online final examination week.) Don't know why the computer wants to change my account name to something incorrect.  

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