Saturday, July 16, 2011


We own 2 roombas (1 "roomba" model 4105 and 1 "roomba scheduler" model 4230).  I had thought to hack the roomba (Hacking Roomba, T. Kurt, Wiley, 2006) to produce and study an embodied agent. I have experimented with the roomba as it comes "out of the box."  I have a bookshelf thats a bit over a foot deep and about the same distance from a corner of the room.  Roomba gets stuck in that three sided box.  Roomba also gets stuck half under one cabinet, my rocker, and tries to climb up the base of a floor lamp (placed near the wall and a drape). As it is I don't think roomba will work even in a "slightly" cluttered room. (Most kid's rooms would be much more cluttered than that.) I suspect that if I hack roomba and control it with Asa H I might be able to produce behaviors that would fix these issues.

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