Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Asa H can make better decisions than (some) humans

In chapter 3 of my book Twelve Papers (www.robert-w-jones.com , book) I experimented with a program that predicted the likelihood of student matriculation at a given university.  That particular study made use of chained case-based reasoners.  I have presented similar data to Asa H 2.0 and to a human.  Asa H is more accurate at predicting student matriculation. 

This work on computer decision making is original for Asa H but is anticipated by many studies with other computer models (see, for example, The New York Times, technology section, 18 July 2006, Maybe we should leave that up to the computer, Douglas Heingartner).

I should probably emphasize (SOME) decisions as well as (some) humans.

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