Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Expanding Asa H's ontology

As a part of Asa H's initial ontology (see blogs of 14 and 16 Feb. 2013 and 12 March 2013) I used  some preprocessor modules to recognize (and define) characters (e.g., letters and numerals). I have begun to develop (sometimes "train") similar modules to recognize/define various objects and features.  These modules can either try to recognize an input (frequently an image) obtained at a single instant in time or a sequence of inputs obtained over a (typically short) time period.  Time varying input is needed where an action is being defined.  A human can also serve as the "preprocessor", perhaps on a temporary basis.  Asa H can also ask for human advice if it is unsure of what it's own preprocessor is seeing. Not all of these preprocessors are being added to the same Asa H agent.  Rather, I am developing a number of individual "specialists."

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