Saturday, February 1, 2014

Conversational AI

It is quite difficult to give Asa H natural language capabilities. (, book, paper 1)  I have managed to establish a vocabulary of about 200 words/concepts including:

hear     sound     speak    word     temperature     hot     cold     feel     touch     see     light     dark     color    yellow     green     blue     red     black      time     day     night     direction     north     south     acceleration     left       right     front     back     turn     top     rise     bottom     lower     arm     hand     joint     rotate     finger     grasp     hold     drop     body     move     action     fast      slow     stop      start     collision      damage     hard       soft      flexible     range      near       far      distant      side     retreat     push      carry      on     air      wind     open      close      ground      look      work      rest     wait    home      nest     health     hunger     feed     recharge     mouth     person     head     eye     ear     leg     pain     bad     object

(grounded as described in my blogs of 6 and 12 March 2013, 1 April 2013, and 29 Jan. 2014)  This is just sufficient to permit conversations with Asa in simple pidgin english. It is hoped that Asa can then grow its vocabulary naturally from this starting point.

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