Thursday, February 18, 2016

B.E.A.M. Robotics

In my small robotics lab I design and build robots that define and ground concepts for my artificial intelligence Asa H. (See my blog of 1 Oct. 2015) I also have a half dozen small BEAM robots. Is there any way they can be useful to Asa? Asa could operate on top of a set of BEAM reflexes or BEAM elements might be used in place of other pre or post processors. A light seeker could be used with my solar power panels.  A beacon seeker could direct a robot to a recharging station/"food".  Cliff avoidance would be a useful reflex/fear. A righting reflex might be useful for some robots. A thermophobic might keep itself from overheating. I could use a BEAM element for wall following.......

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