Friday, February 12, 2016

Flow-through systems

There are people that believe that some sufficiently large but closed formal system, beginning with a theory of everything, (some string theory perhaps) could, through computer simulations and emergence, come to develop reasonable theories of physics, then chemistry, then biology, then social science, etc. etc. essentially forever. On the other hand I have noted that my own creativity machines seemed to operate more as information flow-through systems, requiring a steady input of new facts in order to generate new original output. (see Trans. Kansas Acad. Sci. 102, pg 32, 1999)
One of the behaviorist's models of the brain is the finite state machine which, at each time step, receives a new input stimulus, changes its state, and outputs some new response, sometimes a creative one. (See, for instance, page 98 of  Behaviorism by John Staddon, Duckworth, 1993.)
My own scientific work seems to depend upon a steady input in the form of books, journal articles, experimental results, etc. in order to continuously revise my theoretical models (state) and produce original results like those reported here and in my other publications. (i.e., an open system)

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