Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Asa's subcategorization of its senses

For simplicity sake I have frequently mounted some of Asa H's sensors (fixed) on the PC. Sound sensors and smell (smoke) sensors for example, and sometimes fixed webcams. Other sensors must be carried along on Asa's mobile LEGO robots. Examples would be pain and force sensors and accelerometers and gyros.  I have frequently had a third group of sensors which the mobile robots must grasp and carry to the location where they will be used.  These are things like electric and magnetic field probes, thermometers, GM counters, pH and salinity (taste) probes, etc.  When Asa is embodied in this particular fashion it forms three categories of senses.
Humans do not categorize their senses in this way. (Although one may have to bring his hand near a heat source in order to feel its warmth and will have to bring food or drink to its mouth to taste it.) I can prevent Asa from making these distinctions by mounting all of the various sensors on the mobile robots.  This is more cumbersome for the robotic elements, however.
Again, for some work, like natural language understanding, I would like Asa to understand human concepts as closely as possible.  For other projects, like attempting to reconceptualize reality, I am happy for Asa to form its own unique set of categories.

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