Thursday, May 19, 2016

AI education curriculum, output sequences

Asa H typically deals with far more inputs then outputs.  Typical output primitives are like those listed in my 1 April 2013 blog. A curriculum for learning more complex output sequences might then be:

1. learn to go fetch an object (perhaps identifiable by color or a beacon or gps location)
2. learn to grasp, lift, and carry an object (perhaps to some target location)
3. learn to group a number of objects together (at some location)
4. learn an orderly grouping of objects, one at a time, counting as you go
5. remove objects from a group, one at a time, counting as you go

In some cases odometry is useful. 1 through 3 have been done with Lego robots.  All 5 have been done in simulations.

You can't directly transfer what's been learned to new (significantly different) robots and environments.

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