Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Aristotle's 10 categories as Asa H concepts

In the Organon Aristotle claims to enumerate all of the possible kinds of things that can be the subject or predicate of a proposition.
1. Substance: This category would include as components all of the objects Asa learns to identify.
2. Quantity: This would include as vector components  distances, weights, and durations that Asa observes.
3. Quality: Asa's colors, tastes, temperature, etc.
4. Relative: knowledge, size, near, far
5 Where: gps and beacon locations
6. When: time, date
7. Attitude: rise, sit, lie
8. Having: a load for example
9. Doing: move, push, carry, lift
10 Being affected: to feel force, acceleration, damage

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