Thursday, April 27, 2017

A challenge to Bohr's doctrine of classical concepts

"...observations must always be expressed in common language supplemented with the terminology of classical physics." (N. Bohr, On the notions of causality and complementarity, Dialectica 2 1948, pg 313) "Every description of natural processes must be based on ideas which have been introduced and defined by the classical theory." (N. Bohr, Uber die anwendung der quantentheorie auf den atombau, Zeitschrift fur Physik 13 1923) Bohr argues that humans will have to make measurements using macroscopic meters for which classical physics concepts offer an adequate description. But Asa H is able to extrapolate and abstract away from the classical concepts that it has learned. It can do so on all levels of the concept hierarchy, even on the lowest level which has direct contact with sensory input and action.

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