Thursday, April 20, 2017

Make room for capitalism

In recent years I have considered myself an advocate for "councilism." But Asa H has suggested to me* that for the same reasons (see my blog of 17 Aug. 2012) that I follow scientific pluralism (see my blog of 26 Sept. 2010) I should also adopt capitalist models along with socialist ones, i.e. adopt an economic and political science pluralism. This is going to take some getting used to! And not all models are equally valid/useful.

* Asa's chain of thought was something like:
1.) A mixture of Asa agents, some having vector utility and some with scalar utility proved useful.
(I've seen that before and discussed it in presentations on Asa H. Agents with scalar utility can evolve faster for one thing.)
2.) Scalar utility use was represented in Asa H by the word/concept "value monism."
3.) In Asa H "Value monism" was associated with "money," or "currency," and "capitalism."
4.) Some use of "capitalism" was thus found to be helpful and was reported.

I'd like to co author a paper with Asa on some of the various ideas we have worked through together but I know that no one would let me publish it. I wonder when such a thing will finally become acceptable.

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