Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Alternate realities

In his book Coherence in Thought and Action Paul Thagard explores the relative coherence of materialism, theism, and dualism. (MIT Press, 2000, especially page 119) While I agree with Thagard's general conclusion that materialism is more coherent than theism and dualism I would differ a bit on the specifics of his evidence and explanations. (pages 121-124) I also believe that materialism, dualism, and theism are each sufficiently coherent as to each constitute its own alternate reality, each being accepted by different groups of people.

Muller has argued that our various realities are emergent from a more fundamental first person state space. See arXiv 1712.01816 and 1712.01826. (Much in the way A.s.a. H. Creates its models of the world abstracting away from its first person sense impressions and actions.)

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