Monday, June 17, 2019

What is life?

Life isn’t a thing. Life is a process, a complex network of linked co-operating, self-sustaining, and regulating feedback loops.* The exact details, in fact, depend upon (and could vary with) the environment (hardware) the network operates in.

* See Peter Hoffmann, Life’s Ratchet, Basic Books, 2012, especially pages 229-231.

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  1. Robert, very interesting. I posted this a while back.

    Are you on fb? I use it as my daily blogsite.

    I just found your page and am also a 'compressed air enthusiast'. The 'Airgulper' concept. A takeoff from Scott Roberson's work, adding an ORC.

    As well as a 'bird/bat friendly' alternatives to be utilized at windfarms. The 'Windswimmer'.

    Please, do share with me your valued feedback. Thank you.