Thursday, August 22, 2019

Exploring agency

Most of my experiments with A.s.a. H. have had a fairly narrow focus. In some experiments I was trying to give A.s.a. concepts that corresponded to human vocabulary words* or some set of semantic primitives.** On other occasions we were interested in finding Newton’s laws or trying to induce the formation of new nonstandard physical concepts. (I.e., be original/creative)

 A.s.a. H. exhibits agency*** to the extent that it operates autonomously. Perhaps we should leave an A.s.a. agent alone in a world**** for a time.

* For example, Sonja Lang's Toki Pona.
** For example, Anna Wierzbicka's semantic primes, see Imprisoned in English, OUP, 2014.
*** See, for example, Hugh McCann, The Works of Agency, Cornell U. Press, 1998.
**** or THE world? Or a piece of THE world?

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