Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The far future

I've added Enrico Rodrigo's The Physics of Stargates (Eridanus Press, 2010) to my X-files. Rodrigo speculates on the far future of intelligence life.* I expect that humans will go extinct following the rule that all species go extinct. I suppose that mechanical life might need humans much as humans need plants and our microbiome. I don't expect that we will somehow be partners with AIs however. Even if you could download (upload?) your mind into a computer soon the original human contribution would be overwhelmed (if not deleted) compared to the new AI contributions.** I don't expect that supreme beings*** would take much interest in us either.

*Interestingly he never considers the block universe picture or the possibility that time is not a fundamental quantity.
** See my blogs on the subject starting with the one on 15 Oct. 2010.
*** See my blog of 29 Aug. 2018.

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