Friday, October 22, 2010

Data Mining with Asa H and vector utility

In a recent post (Data mining with Asa H) I assumed that Asa H was using a classical scalar utility.  In my plasma confinement example U = TNt, the Lawson triple product.  T is the plasma temperature, N is the plasma density, and t is the energy confinement time.

But a better model of plasma confinement is the two component vector utility U = (T, Nt). Vector utility was included in my original paper ( , inventor, Asa artificial intelligence) and this is an example where it is useful. (Of course for a DT plasma one could use the energy gain, Q, as the scalar utility rather than TNt.)

When fusion scientists use the triple product they are being value monists, when they use the Lawson conditions they are being value pluralists.

A set of Lawsonlike conditions is also a good way to describe ion source efficiency.

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