Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Scientific Notebook, Files, and Blogs

Back in the day we all kept notebooks.  An idealization of what these should be like can be found as chapter 6 in Writing the Laboratory Notebook by Howard Kanare, American Chemical Society, 1985.  I use this in my Advanced Lab course in physics here at ESU.  While I still have some notebooks of my own from as recently as 2001 I have since gone over to keeping files instead.  The files for my philosophical work look something like Working Notes, pg 136 of the Theory of Difference, Douglas Donkel, Ed., SUNY Press, 2001.  Perhaps a blog could become the modern incarnation of "Working Notes."  It would have the advantage (disadvantage?) of being available to everyone at once.
The disadvantage of this speed (and all things on the web) is that they are more likely to have been half baked.

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