Friday, October 1, 2010

Data Mining with Asa H

The Asa H (Hierarchical Autonomous Software Agent) AI (Trans. Kansas Acad. Sci., vol 109, No 3/4, pg 159, 2006 and, computer scientist, artificial intelligences) can be used for data mining. Data is input as a vector and corresponding utility (V1, U1), (V2, U2), (V3, U3).....

For a plasma confinement device V might be:

V1= (B, Nn, P, Ne, Te, t,...)

where B is the magnetic field strength, Nn is the neutral fill gas density, P is the input power, Ne is the plasma density, Te is the (electron) plasma temperature, and t is the confinement time.

The corresponding utility U might be:

U1= t Te Ne

the Lawson product.

When a set of V,U "pairs" are input to Asa H its extrapolation algorithms will suggest possible parameter changes that may improve U.

One of the extrapolation algorithms Asa H uses is:

V3 = V2 +(V2 - V1)c

where c <= 1 and U2 > U1.

Another application might be to forecast (and then avoid) arcing in an ion source.

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