Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Big Questions

I am interested in trying to answer the big questions.  Here are some of my current attempts:

Q 1. Why are we here?  A. Evolution acting on the animal kingdom.

Q2. What is our purpose?  A. The purpose of all life, to survive (reproduce and spread).

Q3. Why does anything exist?  A. An empty universe may exist but the question then won't arise.

Q4. Did the universe have a beginning?  A. Yes, at the "big bang."

Q5. What is thought?  A. See my blog of 29 Sept. 2010 and papers on my website Asa H reduces MENTAL processes to a series of standard PHYSICAL processes.

Q6. What should humans value?  A. See my blogs of 11 Nov. 2011, 19 Feb. 2011, 21 Sept. 2010 and my website

Q7. What is consciousness?  A.  See my blog of 29 June 2011 and chapter 1 of my book Twelve Papers (available to download free on my website, Book).

Q8. Do we have free will?  A.  Depends upon your definition.  See my blog of 8 July 2011.

Q9. Does god exist?  A.  Such extraordinary beliefs would require extraordinary evidence.  No such evidence has been found.

Q10. What are human beings?  A.  Great apes

Q11. Does everything have a cause?  A.  Quantum mechanics says no.

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