Friday, January 20, 2012


I have several dozen "ebooks" (about half nook books and about half kindle) and a much larger number of dissertations, lab reports, journal articles, "white papers", etc. (as pdfs)  I have only read three ebooks from "cover to cover" and I did that on large screen devices.  On large screens reading of ebooks is comparable to reading conventional printed books.  I use ereaders when their small size is a virtue.  A family friend who is an avid reader recently traveled to europe with her daughter for a few weeks.  She bought a kindle so she wouldn't have to carry a large number of paper books with her.  ereaders are getting better all the time. (The local Radioshack salesgirl acted like I should buy a new one even though my kindle was less than a year old.)  With my bad vision, however, I still need a large screen in order to make the experience pleasant. Screen size might be less of an issue for people with normal vision. I also have the problem that (as of a couple of months ago) Emporia State's WiFi would not work with kindles at all and only worked with the newer color nooks. (Or so the IT people told me.  I don't have a nook ereader though I have downloaded the Barnes and Noble software and can read nook books on several of my computers.)

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