Sunday, January 1, 2012

My book "Twelve Papers"

My book "Twelve Papers" was published last October.  You can download a copy free from my website , Book, or you can buy a copy for the kindle reader from amazon for $1.99 (ASIN: B005SVVEYC) . (I would have made it free if they had let me.) The book covers more than 5 years of work and contains:

1. Experiments with Asa H  (The latest work on my artificial intelligence "Asa H" including initial efforts toward machine consciousness and natural language processing.)

2. Capitalism is wrong ("Wrong" both morally and in the technical sense of being incorrect.)

3. Chaining case-based reasoners

4. Objective analysis of student data  (A paper I have used for a number of years in the student laboratory.)

5. Experiments with machine creativity  (A paper I wrote for, and used as a part of, an honors course in creativity run a few years ago at Emporia State University.)

6. Experiments with a hierarchical ensemble classifier

7. Neural network categorization of experimental data  (A more advanced software analysis of Langmuir probe data.  See my Nov. 2, 2011 blog for much simpler software assuming a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution.)

8. Quiet plasma in gas mixtures

9. Plasma optimization using data mining

10. The origin of large scale fluctuations in a Roth (bumpy) torus

11. Plasma diagnostics (A handout used in some of my plasma physics courses.)

12. Turbulent thermal insulation with clump regeneration and wall confinement  (Dated, but part of an argument that more effort/resources should be spent on wall confinement of very high beta plasmas.)

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