Friday, February 28, 2014


Recently I was watching Closer to Truth on PBS.  When the question of god comes up my usual reply is simply: "Such extraordinary beliefs would REQUIRE extraordinary evidence." (Carl Sagan)   On Closer to Truth the discussion was centered around the question of could god be outside of space and time.  Since extra dimensions are now quite acceptable in theoretical physics god could exist outside of space and time by existing in one or more such extra dimensions.  A god could have "duration" outside of space-time if one of the extra dimensions were time-like.  A god could have extension outside of space-time if one or more of the extra dimensions were space-like.  It has been suggested that gravity is weak because it leaks out of our space-time into extra dimensions.  Similarly forces might exist whereby a god could act on our space-time from outside.  Be it religion or be it physics: Such extraordinary beliefs would require extraordinary evidence.

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