Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Intelligences ask questions

It has been suggested that the difference between animal intelligences and human level intelligence is that humans ask questions spontaneously. Many AI programs ask questions but what about the spontaneous asking of questions and what about learning to ask questions?
My AI Asa H learns by observing and copying behaviors that it sees.  It sees agents like myself ask questions.  Under similar circumstances Asa will then also ask questions.
Prairie dogs emit warning calls when they see evidence of a human nearby.  Similarly, at the lowest level of complexity a Lego NXT robot (either real or in simulation) may emit a beep whenever it detects a red ball.  A robot with an Asa H brain could see this and learn the same call. This easily occurs in simulation (though it would be difficult with Lego hardware).
In a multirobot experiment coordination of action may involve a robot asking for help (to push a heavy load for example). See, for example, Multirobot cooperation..., Kolling and Carpin, ICRA 2006, pg 1311.  The primitive call could be understood as a question; "Will you help?" Again, Asa H would learn to ask this same question when it encountered a similar situation.

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