Monday, December 1, 2014

Scientism with values

I have argued in favor of a brand of scientism.  But, since I do not believe science is (or can be) value free, it is a scientism with a system of values.  (see my blogs of 20 Sept. 2013, 25 Oct. 2011 and 1 Sept. 2012)
This, as well as "scientific pluralism" (see my blogs of 8 Sept. 2011, 17 Aug. 2012 and "Changing what science is and how it's done", R. Jones, Trans. Kan. Acad. Sci., 116, 1/2, pg 78, 2013), counters some of the criticisms of the more traditional varieties of scientism. (see for example Scientism, Tom Sorell, Routledge, 1991)

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