Wednesday, December 4, 2013

AI Languages

There is no longer one single AI language (LISP/SCHEME). If you are doing neural network experiments you likely use C++.  For logic programming you probably use PROLOG.  Production systems/expert systems may be in CLIPS and statistical analysis/hidden Markov models may be in R.  This makes it even harder to combine modules/functionality developed by different research groups.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

AI, medicine, and the law

Medicine could make extensive use of AI resulting in improved patient outcomes at reduced cost.  This has been blocked for legal reasons.  People want to be able to hold other people accountable for outcomes.  They don't know how to hold an AI accountable.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

External battery packs

I've complained that mobile computing devices have inadequate batteries (see my blog of 2 March 2012).  This is especially true of larger screen devices.  My  Thinkpad, for example, which I use to run Unix (openSolaris), weighs 2.35 kilos, of which only 0.3 kilos is the battery! The new external battery packs (like those for ipads) are a help although the small plugs are not very sturdy and worry me some.  I'd prefer that the auxiliary battery clip securely on to the tablet (or laptop).


On the average something like 30% of bug fixes either don't fix the bug or introduce new bugs.  When debugging really complex software does there come a time when you are introducing as many bugs as you fix?