Saturday, December 1, 2018

Higher-order features

I have usually described A.s.a. H. as learning layers of categories/concepts. (In the form of vectors.) After learning a set of first-order features A.s.a. H. May then learn the ANDing together of some of these on the next level in its hierarchy. Are these concepts or second-order features? Second-order features are thought to be important for doing things like facial recognition. Interactions among features may be represented by such higher-order features prior to their use to define some concept.

Alternate realities, metaphysics

Quesada argues* that various philosophers have used alternative logics to build alternative metaphysics. Idealistic, materialistic, non materialistic, dualistic, noneist, etc.  Plato employs a fuzzy logic. Aristotle created classical logic. Plotinus employs fuzzy and paraconsistent logics. Hegel employs dialectical logic. Routley creates neutral logic....

* In Alternative Logics: Do Sciences Need Them? Weingartner, ed., Springer, 2004, pg 28.