Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Student labs

 Science is a group effort, especially for experimental work. Lacking resources over the years we have scrimped and saved by having lab partners work on a small number of experimental setups. Now with covid we can not social distance by simply giving each student their own lab equipment. There are also some experiments that simply require multiple students to operate them effectively. Here again even face-to-face classes are being impacted by covid. 

Friday, February 5, 2021

Concepts in the human brain

 My AI work is not biologically inspired but I do occasionally make comparisons with what is known from neurological studies. When a person is shown various pictures of balls the same pattern of activation is seen across voxels by functional magnetic resonance imaging. When a person is shown various pictures of faces a different pattern of activation is seen.* A person has learned the concept ball and the (different) concept face. Looking at the activation pattern seen by fMRI you can know what category of picture is being viewed. Each layer in the A.s.a. H. hierarchy operates in this same way.

* When Brains Dream, Antonio Zadra and Robert Strickgold, Norton, 2021, pg 88.