Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I have explained why (scalar) money can not adequately represent value. (See www.robert-w-jones.com, book, chapter 2.) (A fully mature communist society was expected to have no money.) I have previously proposed a vector currency which might serve as a compromise. Vector currency might have components like conventional money, community service time, military service time, organ donations, etc. Time spent in things like a volunteer fire service might substitute for military service. Aid in disaster relief might be one sort of community service.

Components of intelligence

Besides those things that we attempt to measure with IQ tests (memory, spatial ability, mathematical ability, language ability) there are also components for creativity and values. (The importance of values was discussed in my Kan. Acad. Sci. Trans. Vol. 119, pg. 249-250, 2016.) Those who believe in the usefulness of a single scalar “g” factor or “IQ” argue that there is significant correlation between the memory, spatial, mathematical, and language components. I think there is less evidence for correlations with creativity and value components (of a vector “intelligence”).

Friday, July 12, 2019

Does an AI need NLU?

An AI might need natural language processing in order to:
1. Exchange significant amounts of information with humans.
2. Communicate with other AIs, especially different specialist AIs.
3. If AIs need and have a “language of thought.”
But: 1. Humans do not communicate much with other animal species. AIs may not communicate much with humans even if there are humans around.
2. There might be only one AI, though it might be distributed across a computer network. Then there’d be no other AIs to communicate with.
3. The language of thought model may not apply or may be incorrect.
At least some AIs may well have no use for natural language understanding.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Raspberry Pi 4

I’ve bought one of the new Raspberry Pi 4s. I’ll see if I can’t use it to upgrade one or two of my robots.